King of the Blues

Well, I'm hoping this drawing made it into the hands of Mr. BB King. I took the original framed version of this piece to BB's show at the Boulder Theater last Friday - which, by the way, was absolutely incredible - with some small hopes of being able to give it to him personally. Well, that didn't work out so much. I was, however, able to get it into one of his managers hands. He assured me that mister King would get it after making sure he had my contact info. After the show I wondered around to the back of the theater as I headed to my car. I saw a tour bus driving away from the back doors of the Boulder Theater and caught a glimpse of my drawing being passed around. That was good enough for me. :D
Please excuse the poor scan quiality. I had to piece the drawing together from three seperate scans - my home scanner is a small one...

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