Thursday, March 10, 2011

Denver Roller Dolls

I have recently had the complete delight to do some design work for the Denver Roller Dolls roller derby league. I was thrilled to have the opportunity as I am a huge roller derby fan. Having friends involved in the league certainly helped me grab the gig, and I couldn't be happier with the work I've done as well as how well it has been received by the league.

I was asked to create the logo for DRD's brand new home team, the Electrocuties. After presenting a few variations, the team decided resoundingly on the following design. Shown are the variations of color and black & white. I'm very happy with the way this design come out. And I absolutely love the typeface.

I was also asked to design a logo for the DRD's brand new junior derby league, the Glitterdome Gladiators. Again, below I will show you the selected version and all of its color variations.

The Roller Dolls will debut the Electrocuties at the March bout on Saturday the 19th at the Broomfield Event Center. The logo, as well, will be debuted with the team. I'm pretty excited!

For information on the league, please check out their website:

The league very kindly recognized me on the website as well: