GDC 2012 Arting

I spent last week in beautiful San Francisco with the team from Backflip Studios for the 2012 Game Developer's Conference. It was a busy, alcohol-filled week. Between all of fun I had some time to get some good art-related things in. Here are a few...

Silly sketch on the plane ride from Denver to San Francisco.

I took advantage of the lovely weather and did some on-sight sketching. Inks in a Moleskin book, the SFMOMA.

The Grand Marriott, or as Jerry calls it, The Juke Box Building.

Details from one of SF's lovely buildings.

Sketch from the flight back - San Francisco to Denver. Come at me, bro!

On thursday I took a little nature hike in Oakland with my old painting buddy 3Cows and had some fun with some rattle cans.

On Wednesday afternoon I got to take a few Backflip artists on a tour of Pixar. Amazing as always.

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