Monday, June 4, 2012

Nerdy Girl Sketches, Round 1

This will be the first set of what I hope will be many posts containing what have come to be called my "nerdy girl sketches."

A little background... The first fun thing to note is that these sketches reside in a very nice leather bound sketchbook that I purchased at the Pixar Studio Store at Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville, CA back in October of 2010. The sketchbook has the Pixar logo embossed on the cover and it's totally badass and, quite frankly, psychologically intimidating. The book sat still, me being afraid to sketch in it, until a recent trip to Pixar with some fellow artists who purchased there own Pixar sketchbooks and finally pushed me to start drawing in it.

Now, the "nerdy girls" are not the only types of sketches that are in this book, but a few pages in I decided to draw a cute nerdy, artsy chick based loosly on a face photo I saw online - and being honest, I think this first nerdy girl sketch was subconsciously inspired by my friend and fellow artistic talent extraordinaire, Sandi Calistro - just maybe... In posting this first drawing online I got nothing but positive responses and a flood of friends asking if I would draw them as "nerdy girls."

Let's see here... cute girls, which I already love to draw, with instant reference and inspiration being handed to me, helping me fill a fancy new sketchbook? It just clicked. I have to admit that I am having a great time with these!

I finally took a little time to try and get some decent scans of these first eleven sketches. The nature of the blue pencils I'm sketching these with does not lend them well to terribly good scans, but I did the best I could. They are definitely best seen in person, so if you run into me just ask to see the book.

So, if you have talked to me about your very own Nerdy Girl Sketch, hold tight - they're coming.

The sketchbook.

The first "Nerdy Girl Sketch."

Shalah. Wife of my pal and graffiti partner Awful.

My beautiful wife, Tess. There will certainly be more sketches of her...

My good friend Teri.

My dear friend Cynthia.

The adorable Miss Polly.

She who takes care of all of the Backflip kids, Miss Mary.

My good friend and living pinup (I swear!), Rachael.

Miss Aubrey.

My dear friend, the beautiful Nina.

The beautiful Dee.