Nerdy Girl Sketch Update

It saddens me to say that my Pixar sketchbook and the Nerdy Girls drawings within are gone. During the late hours of July 21st in Pueblo Colorado, after a wonderful day of graffiti painting with a bunch of friends during the 11 Year Creatures Reunion, my spanking new Dodge Charger was broken into while we ate a late dinner. My friend Dave, visiting from NYC, had his clothing bag snagged. My Timbuk2 messenger bag was taken as well. It;s contents included the Pixar sketchbook, as well as a new graffiti sketchbook and a host of my everyday art supplies. 

These were the last three nerdy girls done since my initial post - Instagram photos only as I had not gotten these scanned...

My dear friend Kris.

My little cousin's wifey, Britteny.

The cutest coworker - Miss Lana.

I have been super bummed about the loss of this particular sketchbook and all of these drawings. I considered discontinuing the Nerdy Girl sketches, but I will likely continue them in new sketchbook. I have not had the urge or want to do a new one yet, but I'm sure it will not be long. After all, I still have a full dirty nerdy list.