My Little Sister's Wedding

On Saturday, October 11th, 2014, my little sister Pam is getting married. Her future husband - and my future brother-in-law, Bill, is a wonderful guy! I am so happy and excited for Pam -
for the both of them!
As wedding gifts for her bridal party, Pam asked me to do portraits for each person standing on her side. Of course my little sister, like me, is a monster movie nerd and has managed to leak horror into her wedding day - to my delight - and requested that I do a monster twist on each drawing...
Below you'll find the finished illustrations. Each is approximately 6"x4" drawn on plain card stock, executed with one of two Staedtler soft colored pencils (green or orange of course), my trusty Pentel Pocket Brush Pen and an .01 Micron... 

Pam, the bride as The Bride of Frankenstein

Jenny as The Witch

Cassandra as Miss Mummy

Paul as The Wolfman

Angel The Undead

Tiffany as Miss Dracula

Tim as Frankenstein's Monster

All together

...and framed

Lastly, the wedding invitation for the event, which I also designed.

Congratulations Pam and Bill! Love you both very much!