Sphero: Pixar Cars Lightning McQueen

The last project I worked on with Sphero was the app connected Lightning McQueen - a project dear to my heart as I am a HUGE Pixar fan and a lover of their Cars franchise and films. I was involved in all creative aspects of this project until my departure from Sphero in December, 2016 - from pitch art to user experience, from physical product design consulting to app experience design. It was an amazing project and I was sad to leave the company before I saw it shipped.

Here are some favorite pieces from my time on the Lightning project...

The very first piece of pitch art for Lightning was a sketch showing Sphero's Ollie used as the drivetrain for LMQ.

Another early sketch shows the eye video screen - and also shows that we thought about a video screen for mouth animations as well at on point.

Early first time user experience with the idea that the box double as Mac and Lightning's charging station.

A Reliant Regal I designed as a bird-car for a pitch video.

A story sequence from the same pitch where LMQ encounters a mean fellow.

Some technical art that was used to guide engineers and animators.

Ideas for super fancy display stands/charging stations.

A concept for a charging station based on the NASCAR pit war wagon.

A Sphero-esque packaging concept I did while working with Sphero's amazing package designers - not too far off from the final package design.

Early app experience storyboards.

Pixar veteran and Cars Brand Ambassador, Jay Ward, personified as a hot rod for a Pixar pitch - and for fun.