Sphero: Star Wars Force Band Product Design Concepts

After BB-8 launched we went right to work on what would come to be known as The Force Band. This was a motion control system originally developed with the, at the time, newish Apple Watch tech to allow the user to drive a Sphero, and consequently BB-8, with arm motions while wearing a device connected to your robot.

I worked on all aspects of this project creatively from user experience to app design and tutorials, but the most satisfying part, by far, was helping develop the look of the physical product. This series of concept sketches shows the wide range of ideas I explored for The Force Band...

My meeting notes/sketches from the initial design meeting for The Force Band dated January 8, 2016

We initially wanted to have all of the tech for the band be in a removable pod that could be placed in/on different/future products, such as a "Sphero Lightsaber"

A series of simple, clean designs - think Apple Watch

More chunky/stylistic designs...

A cartoony sketch of Rey (or a child dressed as Rey) wearing a Force Band - I have since forgotten why I was asked to create this drawing, exactly.

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