Sphero: Unused Project Ideas - Star Wars/Disney

After we finished production on The Force Band the creative team cut loose on some future product ideas - both building on tech we already had developed and introducing new thoughts. Aside from the one image I did below of the three-droid line-up which foretold the release of a Sphero R2 and BB-9E (at the time we actually had no idea what this droid looked like or was called - only having been told by Lucasfilm that Episode VIII would have an "evil" BB droid), none of these ideas made it much further than sketch ideation.

Future Star Wars Ideas:

A larger, closer to 1:1 scale Sphero BB-8 that could follow you around and would utilize camera tech in the head.

A floating droid somehow using flying drone tech.

The one that made it through. Ha!

A Darkside Forceband.

A drone X-Wing which, of course, was actually produced by Air Hogs.

Ideas explored for Frozen with Disney:
A wearable Frozen cape that used the Force Band tech.

An app connected wand, of course...

...that would control an Olaf robot based on Sphero ball tech.

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